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Quality Masonry to Withstand the Test of Time 

Hunt's Concrete supplies a wide variety of masonry products to Central NL, Connaigre Peninsula and surrounding areas. From general masonry to clay brick to cultured stone we have the product and the inspiration to help you create something unique in Grand Falls-Windsor.

With so many options available with regards to style, colour and price, drop by our showroom at 51 Duggan Street or call us today and have one of our experienced sales team make your vision come to life.

Masonry Block

Hunt's Concrete supplies an assortment of concrete blocks from our sister company Concrete Products. The blocks are 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12” thick and are available in standard, bullnose, u-block and centre-score. Masonry blocks are available in colour through special order (minimum order size required).


Standard Units

100MM Unit Masonry Block

100 mm Block


90 mm x 190 mm x 390 mm    

Wt./Piece kg (lbs): 11.4 (25.1)  

150MM Unit Masonry Block

150 mm Block  


140 mm x 190 mm x 390 mm   

Wt./Piece kg (lbs): 12.5 (27.6)  

200MM Unit Masonry Block

200 mm Block  


190 mm x 190 mm x 390 mm 

Wt./Piece kg (lbs): 16.5 (36.4)    

250MM Unit Masonry Block

250 mm Block  


240 mm x 190 mm x 390 mm   

Wt./Piece kg (lbs): 18.9 (41.7)  

300MM Unit Masonry Block

300 mm Block  


290 mm x 190 mm x 390 mm   

Wt./Piece kg (lbs): 16.5 (36.4) 

Bullnose Units

Single Bullnose - Masonry Blcok

Single Bullnose

Double End Bullnose - Masonry Block

Double End Bullnose

Double Face Bullnose - Masonry Block

Double Face Bullnose

*Bullnose Units are available in each of the standard unit sizes listed above.

U-Block Units



Single Bullnose U-Block

Single Bullnose U-Block

Double Bullnose U-Block

Double Bullnose U-Block

Sound Cell™, Acoustade™ 

Available in 150 mm, 200 mm and 250 mm

*Other shapes and sizes of masonry block available through special order. Please contact us for more information.

Acoustade and Sound Cell

Acoustade (Image on left - Sound Cell - (image on right)

Split Face Block

Split face block is the modern evolution of the cinder block. The splitting of the block face creates a textured look, which not only gives depth to the block but it also exposes the inner aggregates. Split face block is available in a variety of colours from 2 different suppliers. Our sister company, Concrete Products, manufactures right here in Newfoundland and Shaw Brick manufacturers in Nova Scotia. 

Contact us today to determine which product will fit perfectly in your next project.


Clay Brick

Clay brick is a timeless staple of the construction industry! With several themes, styles, and colour variations, we offer a multitude of brick colours and textures to add dimension to the design of your project. For more details on the colours, styles and sizes available, visit Shaw Brick.


Cultured Stone

Be the envy of your neighbors and create instant curb appeal by using our manufactured stone veneer from CSI Stone, Canyon Stone, BeOn Stone or Concrete Products.  Interior or exterior, residential, or commercial, manufactured stone enhances any architectural or design project.  Also known as faux stone veneer, our extensive variety of textures and colors provides nearly limitless opportunities to create a signature look.


Need Bricks or Blocks for Construction?

We offer a wide range of clay bricks, concrete blocks and cultured stones for all your masonry needs.

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